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  • Age of experiments: How states and regions are developing the next generation of climate and energy policies

    Current national policies to address climate change are falling short. But state and regional governments are developing a new generation of policies to meet the challenge.

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  • Net Positive: A new way of doing business

    Net Positive: A new way of doing business, by Forum for the Future, The Climate Group and WWF-UK, captures, for the first time, the principles of what it means to take a Net Positive approach and provides a route map to help businesses engage with the concept. It calls for the ambition of business to change from ‘doing less harm’ to becoming ‘Net Positive’ to have a positive impact on the world.

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  • Eco-civilization: China's blueprint for a new era

    This briefing provides international readers with an overview of the key policy priorities China's new leadership will adopt, focusing on its pioneering low carbon ‘eco-civilization’ concept, which will have a profound impact on China’s future economy.

    eco civ report
  • Insight Briefing | COP19 Warsaw - analysis on the outcomes

    This briefing provides an overview and assessment of the annual UN climate conference that was held in Warsaw in Poland from November 11–22, and is part of our regular ‘Insight’ series. The paper is complemented by a pre-COP briefing and blogs produced before and during the Warsaw summit respectively.

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  • Electric Vehicle Policy Initiative

    In September 2011, ahead of the anticipated surge in electric vehicle (EV) deployment, The Climate Group created the Electric Vehicle Policy Initiative (EVPI)—a forum for leading sub-national governments to share experiences, lessons learned and best practices on the development of electric vehicle policies.

  • Guide for Responsible Corporate Engagement in Climate Policy

    The Climate Group, in partnership with World Resources Institute (WRI), the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Ceres and CDP, has developed the Guide for Responsible Corporate Engagement in Climate Policy to provide companies with practical guidance for engaging constructively in climate policy debates.

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  • Insight Briefing | COP19 Warsaw - thoughts and expectations

    This briefing provides an overview and introduction to the COP process and key issues expected to shape UN climate talks at COP19 in Warsaw from November 11–22. The paper is part of our regular ‘Insight’ series, and will be complemented by blogs and a post-COP briefing to be produced during and after Warsaw respectively.

    warsaw cop19 poland
  • IPCC-special Insight Briefing | Climate science five-part series

    The Climate Group has written a five part briefing series covering the basics of climate science, ahead of our live broadcast with authors of the anticipated IPCC report, which will be launched immediately before the invite-only transmission on Friday September 27, at Climate Week NYC 2013.

    climate science briefing
  • American Clean Revolution: From dialogue to action

    What actions can be taken in the coming years in order to set the US on the path towards a truly low carbon, resilient society? This briefing explores this critical question, which will be the basis of the discussion among business and government leaders at this year’s Climate Week NYC 2013.

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  • Insight Briefing | Carbon pricing

    In light of the recent focus on the EU ETS, this briefing provides an overview of the state of carbon pricing policies around the world - including Australia, China, Europe, India, and the United States. It concludes that, while the EU ETS is in need of reforms, investors and policymakers should not give up on carbon pricing.

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