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  • Energy and Climate Policy in North Rhine-Westphalia

    The Energy Transition Platform connects highly industrialized, carbon intensive states and regions to accelerate the energy transition through enabling in-depth global peer learning on energy transition policies and overcoming barriers for adopting innovative energy models.

  • Bijli - Clean Energy for All: connecting the world to clean and affordable solar power

    The closing report of The Climate Group’s project Bijli — Clean Energy for All, which was principally funded by the Dutch Postcode Lottery, shows how this project helped reduce greenhouse gas emissions and simultaneously enhanced the lives of rural villagers in India by connecting them to cheaper, cleaner and more reliable renewable energy sources.

  • RE100 Annual Report 2016

    RE100’s 2016 Annual Report sets out the drivers for businesses to go 100% renewable, and reports on progress being made by companies and sectors in RE100.

  • Compact of States and Regions Disclosure Report

    The Compact of States and Regions has released its first-ever Disclosure Report. The Compact of States and Regions provides the first ever single, global account of greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets made by state and regional governments.

  • Unlocking ambition: Top corporate and sub-national climate commitments

    Unlocking Ambition: Top Corporate and Sub-national Climate Commitments from CDP and The Climate Group identifies over 200 companies, states, regions, and cities that have committed to full de-carbonization.

  • States & Regions COP21 position paper

    This 'position paper' outlines the great achievements governments of The Climate Group's States & Regions Alliance have already made toward tackling climate change, and spotlights their now critical role at COP21.

  • India: Understanding market conditions for business to go 100% renewable

    This briefings sets out options for businesses seeking to switch more of their electricity supply to renewable sources of energy, through direct investments in their own assets, purchased electricity from a third party, or the buying of renewable energy credits..

    re100 india
  • Insight Briefing | Inside China

    With the global COP21 climate talks in Paris just around the corner, this Insight Briefing by BSR and The Climate Group provides an overview of China’s climate policies, including its national emission reduction targets and emissions trading market, as well as the role of the country’s sub-national governments and private sector in achieving a strong, low carbon economy.

    inside china
  • Unlocking Ambition: Top corporate and sub-national corporate commitments

    This report by CDP and The Climate Group reveals that over 170 major companies, states, regions, and cities around the world have committed to reducing their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 80-100%, or procuring 100% of their power from renewable sources.

  • The Big Switch: Why it's time to scale up LED street lighting

    Based on key findings from The Climate Group’s consultation workshops, this briefing is the first in a series which analyzes the key non-technical barriers to the wide-scale adoption of LED street lighting – and how these barriers can be addressed through our new global campaign: LED = Lower Emissions Delivered.

    led report
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