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Recycling central to China's plans to shift to a circular economy

20 February 2013
Recycling central to China's plans to shift to a circular economy

BEIJING: The Chinese Government has proposed financial measures aiming to expand the yearly value of its recycling industry and encourage 'green consumption', as part of its plan to shift to a more circular economy.

The Chinese State Council announced its goals in a national plan, issued by China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) earlier this week.

By the end of China's 12th Five Year Plan period in 2015, the State Council intends to have raised China's resource-utilization efficiency by 15% compared with 2010, and aims for the recycling industry to have reached a total output value of 1.8 trillion yuan (US$287 billion), in a bid to shift China to a more circular economy.

NDRC said that the Government has proposed 80 specific measures to accelerate the transition to a circular economy, including:

  • ensure nationwide industrial and agricultural systems become cleaner
  • increase recycling of renewable resources
  • promote 'green consumption'
  • improve resource efficiency.

The plan outlines how China aims to launch 100 circular economy pilot projects in cities and industrial parks across the nation.

Changhua Wu, Greater China Director, The Climate Group, said: "Resource constrains and security have become one of the most imperative challenges for china to pursue continued rapid economic growth. Reduce, reuse and recycle - the three 'R' principle - is crucial to address the challenge.

"Circular economy has begun to be adopted and integrated into the country's green growth strategy, as demonstrated in legislation and regulation, standards and rules, policy incentives and best practices. But more importantly it is becoming the foundation for China's green industrialization."

Read more about China's 12th Five Year Plan.



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