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Mark Kenber: UK has missed a low carbon opportunity

04 June 2013
Mark Kenber: UK has missed a low carbon opportunity

LONDON: Today, the UK Parliament voted against the inclusion of a decarbonisation target in the Energy Bill. There were 290 votes against and 267 for.

Mark Kenber, CEO of The Climate Group, comments:

“Today’s debate and the vote on the Energy Bill’s decarbonisation target has ended in utter disappointment.

“The UK has missed the opportunity to send a signal across the globe to low carbon industry that we are open for their business and investment.

“The UK has been an important location for investment in the green economy and we are fortunate to have world leaders in offshore wind, marine technology, low carbon financing and engineering on our shores. The lack of a decarbonisation target means we are a step closer to losing these talented entrepreneurs, and the socio-economic benefits they bring, to more supportive nations.

“Allowing high carbon energy generation and excluding low and no-carbon sources is a fundamental mistake, we are squandering the value we have already created and it will lock the UK into a high carbon pathway which will make it much more expensive for us to meet our domestic and international climate change obligations.”




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