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Mark Kenber: UK Energy Bill is a missed opportunity

23 November 2012
Mark Kenber: UK Energy Bill is a missed opportunity

LONDON: The government has published details of its long-awaited Energy Bill, which includes decisions to help the UK meet its legally binding carbon reduction and clean energy targets, and help attract the necessary renewables investments.

Mark Kenber, CEO, The Climate Group commented:

"The long-awaited Energy Bill, despite its positive elements and increased support for renewables, is a missed opportunity. It does not put emissions reduction at the heart of the UK’s energy policy. It does not put the UK on a long-term low carbon, sustainable, clean energy path. The Bill is more of a grand compromise; and like all compromises it deals more with the present and the short-term than with the future.

"Unless there is long-term certainty for investors and clear signals that this country is open for low carbon business in the long-term, the UK will be left behind in the global clean tech race. The jobs that could be coming to the UK are going to go elsewhere. If we do not lead, we are bound to follow others who will."

Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey announced a package of decisions around the Energy Bill, of which will be fully introduced next week, including:

  • A Government-owned company will be established to give investors confidence in low carbon electricity projects.
  • A capacity market will be introduced to allow capacity auctions from 2014 to ensure the 'lights stay on' during peak demand.
  • A decarbonization target range will be set for 2030 in secondary legislation. 



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