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LEDs are lighting the way in Buenos Aires

17 October 2013
LEDs are lighting the way in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires have selected Philips, a Clean Revolution Lead Partner, to aid the city in its plans to replace 75% of public lighting with LED technology. The conversion is now underway, with around 10,000 having already been installed.

Selected as part of a public bidding process, Philips will replace most of the existing 125,000 public lights in Buenos Aires over a period of three years. The LED lighting has a lifetime five times longer than that of conventional lighting, and enables a 50% energy saving for the city.

Gustavo Verna, CEO of Philips Argentina, said: “With the rapid growth in population and the expansion of urban areas, the world needs better and more efficient light. The arrival of innovative LED lighting has brought about a radical change in the industry. In addition to enabling energy savings, it provides our customers with unique, flexible, sustainable, and integrated lighting solutions which were not even envisioned only a few years ago.”

The switch involves a tailor-made system, which Philips has developed to enable the city to remotely control the lighting. The solution allows each light point to be individually monitored and controlled, allowing certain areas to have dimmer light where appropriate and potentially creating further energy savings.

Read more about The Climate Group’s LED projects in partnership with Philips.

By Michelle Allen.



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