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IKEA, Walmart and Apple among top 25 companies for solar in the US

21 February 2014
IKEA, Walmart and Apple among top 25 companies for solar in the US

NEW YORK: Some of America’s biggest retailers including IKEA, Walmart, Costco and Apple are the biggest corporate users of solar power, a report from the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) finds.

The report, Solar Means Business, ranks high profile US brands based on how much they use solar energy. The report provides a comprehensive overview of the emerging corporate solar sector by scrutinizing all facets of corporate operations, in addition to the businesses’ shops, warehouses and facilities.

The findings suggest that solar energy is thriving among small, medium and large scale US businesses alike, in part due to the economic and efficiency benefits of solar.

In an increasingly competitive environment, many corporates have invested in solar energy to cut costs and boost long term profits. As the report shows, average price of a completed commercial PV project fell by 30% since early 2011.

In fact, in mid-2013, cumulative commercial deployment of solar amounted to 3,380 megawatts (MW) at over 32,800 facilities throughout the US, an increase of more than 40% over the previous year.

The top 25 corporate users, which include Apple, Costco, IKEA, Intel, General Motors, Volkswagen, Toyota, Walmart and Apple, have deployed more than 445 MW of solar energy at close to 1,000 facilities across 30 states. This is the equivalent energy needed to power 73,400 American homes.

IKEA: A global solar leader 

The SEIA report notes that although Walmart takes first place in the corporate solar capacity list, IKEA has the most solar installations across US states, with solar panels in its business operations across 20 states.

This finding is hardly surprising given that IKEA has long prioritized the expansion of clean energy across its operations. In 2013 the Scandinavian furniture giant installed 550,000 solar panels globally, with renewable energy accounting for over 25% of its electricity.

Peter Agnefjäll, President and CEO, IKEA Group, had previously remarked: “Everyone, including IKEA, has a part to play in tackling the expected shortages of resources and the impacts of climate change while providing people with a good quality of life … I am convinced there is no other way of doing business than in a sustainable way.”

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Graphic from SEIA

Read Solar Means Business

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By Alana Ryan


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