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Europe could be powered by 40% clean energy in 2030

18 February 2013
Europe could be powered by 40% clean energy in 2030

BRUSSELS: By the year 2030, Europe could be producing more than 40% of its power from renewable energy if the right policies are put in place, a new report by Ecofys and WWF finds.

The report, Re-energising Europe: Putting the EU on Track for 100% Renewable Energy, is based on research by ECOFYS for WWF, and argues that Europe has the resources needed to clean up its energy consumption on a large scale. Authors write: ‘Europe has significant untapped potential for cutting energy use and maximising indigenous power sources that could deliver cheaper and more secure energy.’

As well as generating over 40% of its power from renewable energy, the report shows that Europe could also:

  • Use at least 38% less energy, compared to business as usual
  • Slash its energy related greenhouse emissions by 50% compared to 1990 levels, by combining lower energy use and increasing clean energy by stated figures

The report says that reaching these targets by 2030 would put the EU on track to delivering an energy system powered by 100% renewables by 2050.

Luc Bas, Director of International States and Regions and European Programs, The Climate Group, said: “This analysis will hopefully further propel the European climate debate, as it is another important reminder that the EU is well equipped to hit its goal of 100% renewably powered energy by 2050.

"But it also proves that we need concrete forthcoming post-2020 EU climate and energy policy proposals in support of renewables and energy efficiency scale-up. There are real benefits for all EU member states and we must work together to accelerate this legislation to ensure a clean revolution in Europe.”

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By Clare Saxon



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