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Dell reveals leading environmental achievements in FY12 CSR report

27 July 2012
Dell reveals leading environmental achievements in FY12 CSR report

NEW YORK: Member of The Climate Group, Dell, has released its Fiscal Year 2012 (FY12) Corporate Sustainability Report (CSR), which shows how the company has supported environmental issues in a way that makes economic sense.

Among its many achievements this year, highlights include:

  • Reducing facilities’ carbon footprint by up to 16%
  • Edging toward zero waste by recycling 98% of its nonhazardous manufacturing waste and over 192 million pounds of end-of-life computer equipment
  • Adding fresh air ventilation to data center equipment to allow customers to avoid energy-intensive chillers
  • Making all removable media storage devices, memory and hard drives free of harmful halogens: BFR, CFR and PVC. 

Dell also made strides in achieving the bold targets outlined in its innovative 3Cs (cube, content, curb) packaging strategy. It reduced packaging size by 12%, increased recycled and renewable content by 40% and ensured 75% of packaging is recyclable at ‘the curb side’.

With these fresh results, the company shows that is well on track to meet its goal of recycling 1 billion cumulative pounds of end-of-life computer equipment by 2014. Dell will now focus on setting longer-term goals for increasing the efficiency of both the supply chain and customer base.

Commenting on the complete range of social, community and environmental work covered in the new report, Trisa Thompson, Vice President, Corporate Responsibility, Dell said: "We know our technology can do a world of good — whether it’s helping a child receive life-saving cancer treatment, assisting a young businesswoman to launch a company to help rural Indians, or giving our customers increased computing power while reducing their demand for natural resources. Dell wants to give people the power to do more, in an environmentally and socially responsible way.” 

Kirsten Jack, Acting Head of Smart Technologies, The Climate Group said: “We are pleased to see one of our members, Dell, spearheading such an impressive whole-life approach to reducing carbon in their business. By reducing their equipments’ packaging and its energy consumption, and recycling end-of-life products, they are reducing the impact of the product at every stage of its lifecycle, while delivering value to clients. This type of approach paves the way for the ICT sector to deliver the 15% reduction in global gas emissions projected in by the SMART 2020 report. The rest of the tech industry must keep up.”

Read FY12 Corporate Sustainability Report


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