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COP19: Videos on smart ICT, green entrepreneurs and women leading the way

25 November 2013
COP19: Videos on smart ICT, green entrepreneurs and women leading the way

COP19 in Warsaw, Poland, runs from November 11-22, 2013. Below are three videos filmed by GreenTV during COP19.

The first video curates some of the key speeches from experts at Warsaw, who say that ICT will play a major part in saving the planet from the worst effects of climate change. The UN's Momentum for Change ICT initiative which was launched at the end of COP19, states that clean tech solutions could reduce global emissions by 16.5% by 2020

During COP19, award-winning entrepreneurs from all over the world came together to showcase their climate-friendly businesses at a side-event, as explained in this next video. From smoke-free stoves in Africa to eco-homes in Mexico, the Momentum for Change awards show successful businesses can also help tackle climate change.

UN Climate Change chief Christiana Figueres says women are disproportionately impacted by climate change, but that they are also taking the lead in addressing the issue. Women from all over the world joined this "Momentum for Change" event at the UN climate change summit in Warsaw to share their vision for the future. Watch the video to find out more.

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