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Cloud computing leader Salesforce to power data centers with renewables

13 March 2013
Cloud computing leader Salesforce to power data centers with renewables

LONDON: Salesforce has announced its goal to power all of its data centers with renewable energy.

The world's leading CRM software and cloud computing provider, Salesforce, revealed plans for its giant data centers around the world to become entirely powered by renewable energy

As part of the plans, the company will research energy efficient data center technology as well as work with its energy providers to inspire them to use more clean energy.

The strategy extends to geographical locations of its data centers too, as Salesforce said it will be adopting a data-center siting policy that enforces a preference for access to clean and renewable energy supply.

Salesforce provides software to some of the world's biggest companies, including GE, Facebook, Financial Times, News International and Vodafone, so the plans will likely have an impact far beyond Salesforce's own sustainability achievements.

In the same week as the announcement, Salesforce also released its first ever Sustainability Report.

A statement from Salesforce's San Francisco headquarters said: “At, we are committed to being a sustainable company and harnessing our culture of innovation to foster a better world. And while we are widely recognized for the environmental efficiencies our multi-tenant technology model delivers, we know we can do more. We see the development of renewable sources of energy as an important part of our sustainability strategy, and we believe the cloud should be powered by clean sources of energy.”

Kirsten Jack, Acting Head of Smart Technologies, The Climate Group, said: “As The Climate Group uses Salesforce, we are particularly pleased to see the company has joined the likes of Google in transforming its data centers to be greener, smarter and more efficient. Its Sustainability Report shows how it has already reduced emissions by 20% over the last year, so clearly Salesforce is set to be a clean revolution leader in the industry - reaping the economic and environmental benefits that come with such leadership.”



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