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Concrete companies review low carbon standard in bid to transform Chinese construction industry

10 January 2013
Concrete companies review low carbon standard in bid to transform Chinese construction industry

BEIJING: Chinese concrete companies came together this week to review a new corporate standard, in a bid to boost low carbon development in the hugely influential construction industry

Construction is a major industry which is central to China's economic development and accounts for an increasingly large proportion of the nation’s total carbon emissions; currently around 50%. On top of this, buildings account for 40% of all human energy consumption in China.

Recognizing the need for a swift, large-scale change to the nation's traditionally high-emission and energy consumption construction processes, experts gathered in Beijing to review a corporate standard for low carbon concrete, which has the potential to transform the industry.

The event, Sustainable Infrastructure Expert Panel, which is part of The Climate Group Beijing’s China Redesign program, saw the Xinao Concrete Group present a voluntary standard validation which aims to accelerate the domestic ready-mix concrete industry's low carbon growth, to a group of industry experts.

Attendees who reviewed the standard included Leng Faguang, Chief Engineer, Institute of Building Materials, China Academy of Building Research, Yao Xiaojing, Director, Department of Technical Examination of National Standards, Standardization Administration of the People’s Republic of China, Li Dexiang, Member of Council, China Green Building Council, Wang Lan, Professor, China Building Material Academy, Cui Yuansheng, Vice President of the Institute, Institute of Technical Information for Building Materials Industry of China(ITIBMIC) and Han Jianguo, Institute of Building Materials, Department of Civil Engineering, Lab. Director.

Xinao will now use the standard as their own guide, as well as promote the standard as a benchmark to its peers. It covers:

  • raw material sourcing
  • production process requirements
  • recycling of materials
  • transportation
  • new carbon footprint calculation methods.

The new calculation method that can be used to quantify the carbon footprint of concrete products will also help drive production, as well as research and development, of low carbon concrete products.

On behalf of The Climate Group, Changhua Wu our Greater China Director awarded the gathered experts with official China Redesign project confirmations. She said: "The establishment of the standard in order to stimulate enterprise growth in low carbon exploration, as well as to establish a more orderly practice, comes at a pivotal time in the Chinese economy’s growth. This in-depth research will help promote the healthy development of the industry and accelerate the low carbon transformation of China's construction industry.”

In the next month, The Climate Group will prepare a case summary report which will be available online.



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