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China enters new clean energy growth era as wind power soars

16 August 2012
China enters new clean energy growth era as wind power soars

BEIJING: Not to be outdone by the US, China’s State Grid has announced that the nation’s wind power sector has also experienced substantial growth, topping 50 gigawatts to date.

The State Grid, which is China’s largest utility company, said that China’s on-grid wind power capacity has reached 50.26 gigawatts. It said this figure indicates a yearly growth rate of 87% over the past six years.

China’s on-grid wind power capacity is now expected to reach 100 gigawatts by 2015, and to hit 200 gigawatts by 2020.

The increase in clean energy use is partially due to China’s ambitious aim of cutting CO2 emissions by 17% per unit of gross domestic product by 2015.

Changhua Wu, Greater China Director, The Climate Group commented on the announcement: “China’s renewable energy is entering a new era of growth this decade. Wind energy development in the last decade has gained experience from many lessons, in particular how to make sure that policy incentives, technology innovation, financing and markets can reinforce each other in a positive manner, to scale up the deployment and market growth.

“Such a learning-by-doing journey will benefit the overall clean energy development and scale up in China.

"While wind energy continues to grow, China's solar energy, particularly thin film solar energy, is expected to reach a new milestone in this decade. And this sets China on a solid track to both achieve its nationally set emissions targets and lead the global clean revolution.”




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