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BT cuts 30,000 tons of CO2 from supply chain

29 April 2013
BT cuts 30,000 tons of CO2 from supply chain

LONDON: BT has cut the CO2 impact of its supply chain by more than 30,000 tons, as part of its commitment to be a leader in sustainable business.

BT helped its suppliers slash their carbon footprint by 30,238 tons during 2012, which is the first year of launching its Better Future Supplier Forum (BFSF). BFSF is designed to drive innovation in sustainability in BT’s supply chain, by awarding suppliers 'gold’, ‘silver’ or ‘bronze' status depending on their performance.

Two of BT’s electronic device suppliers who took part in the pilot, Huawei and SGW Global, were awarded Silver status for cutting CO2 in their manufacturing processes and reducing products' carbon footprints through efficiency, design and collaboration across end-to-end supply chains.

Other top achievements of BFSF participants include:

  • savings of more than 7,000 tons of CO2 across the manufacturing process
  • the reduction of product CO2 footprint of over 23,000 tons
  • 102,000 m3 of water savings from manufacturing sites that are involved in producing BT products
  • reduction of around 15% of solid waste production across manufacturing processes.

Erik Raphael, Director of BT’s Consumer Devices business, said: “The inaugural year of the Better Future Supplier Forum has been a great success and those suppliers that have taken part have demonstrated that they have not only fully understood and internalized the key principles of sustainability, but they have applied them as well. I’m really excited about building on this progress and welcome those suppliers that are joining the Forum in the coming months.”

Niall Dunne, Chief Sustainability Officer, BT, said: “The Better Future Supplier Forum demonstrates how collaboration across the supply chain can have a positive impact on our shared environment. By encouraging scrutiny of not only our own operations but those of our partners and suppliers, we’re able to offer more sustainable products and services that help to ensure we make a net positive contribution – for the benefit of everyone.”

Following the success of the first year pilot, the Better Future Supplier Forum is now being extended to other global suppliers.




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