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140 Californian companies call for US government climate action in wake of drought

26 February 2014
140 Californian companies call for US government climate action in wake of drought

NEW YORK: California’s top businesses, including Apple, IKEA, Intel, Microsoft, Nike, SolarCity and The Weather Company, have joined together to call for federal climate action in the wake of the state’s worst drought in centuries.

The 140 Californian companies have signed a Climate Declaration, organized by Ceres, which urges the US government to tackle climate change in order to help prevent further extreme weather, such as California’s devastating floods.

California is the biggest agricultural producer in America, so the drought's impact on farming and energy industries has created huge economic losses.

Today at the US Climate Leadership Conference in San Diego, the new companies announced as signing the Declaration were: Apple, Sapphire Energy, Sullivan Solar, Renovate America and Sungevity. The companies join a long list of leading Californian businesses including IKEA, Intel, Microsoft, Nike, Unilever, General Motors and The Weather Company

Congressman Scott Peters, representing the 52nd District of California, said in a statement: “Climate change is causing more frequent extreme weather that is harming businesses and our economy. I am proud to stand with this coalition of forward-thinking businesses who are seizing this economic opportunity to prepare for the negative effects of a changing climate while also advocating for concrete actions to be better stewards of our environment.” 

The Declaration reads:

“As the world’s 8th largest economy, California is a champion of clean energy progress and innovation. Thanks in part to its smart energy policies including its landmark climate law, AB32, California has been a global leader in job creation, clean energy investments and GDP growth.”

The Climate Group helped push the landmark AB32 bill through in 2006, with then Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger. The policy's broad goal is to reduce California’s carbon emissions to 1990 levels by 2020.

As part of AB32, the state has since launched a pioneering economy-wide carbon market, which looks to serve as a model of carbon pricing for the rest of the nation. 

The State of California, which is a member of The Climate Group, leads America for clean energy development too. California’s solar industry boasted 43,700 jobs in 2012, which is one-third of all solar jobs in the US, according to Ceres. 

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By Clare Saxon




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