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Niall Dunne

16 June 2012
Niall Dunne

Niall Dunne, BT, says the next industrial revolution will 'create winners and losers', ahead of his Twitter Q&A session, which concludes our Rio+20 Earth Summit Q&A series. See highlights below.

In his role as Chief Sustainability Officer, Niall Dunne works with BT’s Chief Executive, Chairman and executive management team to advance BT’s leadership as a business, ensuring sustainability practices are embedded into the company’s strategy, products and services

Recently named as a Young Global Leader for 2012 by the World Economic Forum, Niall is renowned for championing and leading change and aligning the commercial integrity of businesses towards resolving humanities greatest challenges. 

Before joining BT, Niall spent a decade leading sustainability practices in Saatchi & Saatchi and Accenture. A well-known and sought-after speaker, Niall speaks passionately on a wide-range of topics, from smart cities to the role of social movements and empowerment in helping to drive positive change. 

Commenting on BT and ICT's wider role in the Clean Revolution, as well as the Q&A session he will be taking part in, Niall said: “I truly believe that the next era of human evolution will be defined by the problem solving power of networks. As we enter what is the next industrial revolution, resource scarcity will create winners and losers in all corners of the globe. Our role in BT is to ensure that one of the largest networks in the world meets the changing needs of our entire business ecosystem.”   

Niall added “Digital technology has a huge role to play in creating the frameworks and systems we need to create more conscientious, collaborative lifestyles both in the developed and the developing world, and this is something that as a business, we see as an opportunity. Social media is a great example of how networks both technological and social can help people collaborate to find the solutions to some of our most pressing challenge. I’m really looking forward to the Twitter Q&A, to hearing your views, and answering your questions - so I hope you can join me.”  

During our Twitter Q&A, Niall Dunne, Chief Sustainability said that we will all soon realize that we have underestimated the low carbon potential of smart ICT. Here are some of the highlights of the live session.


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