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A Clean Revolution is the swift and massive scaling up of clean energy and infrastructure, to drive the global economy towards a low carbon ‘tipping point’.

To achieve this transformation, we need bold leadership.

Leaders of the Clean Revolution often exhibit similar traits: they adopt disruptive, low carbon innovation. They embrace new technology. They actively and decisively seek to reduce emissions now and align carbon with their other drivers. And Clean Revolution leaders open source their leadership.

The Climate Group is the global climate leadership organization. It brings together the world's most influential government, corporate and civil society leaders, and provides them with a platform for thought leadership, innovation and unparalleled networking opportunities.

Join us 

Join the International Leadership Council (ILC)

The ILC is an exclusive network of business, government and thought leaders chaired by Rt Hon Tony Blair, who come together at Davos each year to drive policy and innovation for a Clean Revolution. It includes Clean Revolution Ambassadors who engage in high-level meetings and activities with their peers to help create new partnerships and shape the agenda for a low carbon economy.

Become a Corporate Partner

As a corporate partner, your organization will benefit from access to policy expertise and reports, innovation workshops, opportunities to network with public and private partners as well as be profiled as a driver of business leadership in our global events, media and online communications.

Join the States and Regions Alliance

Our state, regional and city government partners work together to identify and apply low carbon solutions for communities. Working groups, studies, commitments and events bring together high-level people from both the public and private sector, providing a forum to explore new partnerships and opportunities.

Become a Philanthropic Supporter

Philanthropic supporters give more than just financial support. We value their leadership and view of the world, which is often different to our corporate and government partners. We believe they have an important contribution to make at a strategic level, and they help us direct the Clean Revolution. As such, we will continue to invite philanthropic supporters to join our International Leadership Council or to become Clean Revolution Ambassadors, where their leadership can help drive forward our vision. 

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